Thale is one of the most fascinating figures in the legends of Creiste. He was a man of mystery and magic; contradiction and controversy surrounded his life. Thale wore many hats: he was a wizard, a prophet, sage, tutor and keeper of knowledge. Most importantly he was an adviser to influential nobles and at the same time an explorer who delved into the deepest caverns in search for riches.

Many scholars were puzzled over his birth, his magical power, his prophetic gifts and his mysterious yet often conflicting fate. Legend tells that Thale was secretly born to a priestess of Choranus (creation, destiny, magic) and a noble warrior in the court of Emperor Oststad. His mother left the church and went into the wilderness to raise her newborn son. As a young man, Thale served in his father’s house where he learned the use of martial power.

Initially, Thale predicted many mundane events and performed mere parlor tricks of magic for the noble houses. He traveled to many remote and exotic destinations with a group of mercenaries called “The Falconmoor Clan”, which included rogues, barbarians, and gnomes along with a rag tag smattering of elves and humans.

However, Thale’s reputation abruptly changed when he predicted the Black Eagle War and his magical powers played a crucial role in defeating Ghorrene’s monstrous army. After the disappearance of Ghoorene, likewise Thale vanished in an explosion leaving only a burned out room in a tower. Some rumors claim that he was consumed by the magic that he crafted to repel Ghorrene’s attacks on Crieste while others murmur that he was dealing in dark magic and summoned demons to do his bidding.

Thale left behind a collection letters and journals that chronicled his adventures across Áereth. Several volumes of manuscripts detail his experiments, but the tomes that contain Thale’s spells and rituals are the most coveted items among libraries, scholars, and ambitious wizards. Many would be adventurers have followed the steps of Thale and claim that his journals lead to treasures and riches. However, none have come forth with any evidence to prove it.



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