Sarnil Maleor


The Grand Wizard of Thareom, The Dark Eidolon, Tamer of Dragons, Lord over the Estate of Thareom.

Lord Sarnil Maleor is a renowned wizard who is fanatical about the arcane arts. He sought solace and seclusion in the Fangs Mountains many years ago where he settled northeast of the Sydia swamp. He was awarded the title of lord and the estate of Thareom for his assistance in defeating a green dragon that was menacing ships in the Straights of Ymtal.

Maleor is a perceptive and intimidating figure, standing nearly 6’5”, and he often dresses in grey and black robes. Some of the peasants under his rule claim that there is something dark and powerful at work in Vozul Tower. Others think that Maleor is the master of necromancy as he often visits grave yards, crypts, and funeral vaults in the region. He is called “The Dark Eidolon” and most peasants fear him greatly.


Sarnil Maleor

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