Barony of Boromy


Leader: His Most Ferocious Majesty, The Kuthraug Butcher, The Baron of Boromy, Lord Raldo Bokar
Capital: Gadd Keep
Population: 6,945 (45% humans, 16% half-orcs, 16% tieflings, 7% dwarves, 7% halflings, 3% dragonborn, 3% elves, 3% other races)
Exports: Mercinaries, slaves, and weapons

  • Gadd Keep (Fortress & Small Town, pop.1,761)
  • Gosmar (Village, pop 694)
  • Hogart (Village, pop 735)
  • Kesith (Village, pop. 682)

The term Boromy is sometimes used to denote the warriors, explorers, and traders who originate from the northern Hills of Kuthraug. The Barony of Boromy is famed for its warriors and their unmatched fighting skill. They are known for extreme physical prowess and violent tempers. The warriors often adorn their helmets with protrusions that were shaped like snakes or horns, which are both important religious symbols in the region.

The monoliths of Boromy record the names of participants in expeditions, raids, and fallen warriors. A ring of 25 rune stones circle Gadd Keep and they were erected to commemorate the members of a disastrous expedition across the Fangs Mountains where they were slaughtered by orcs of the Blood Claw tribe, along with ogres and a hill giant, near the village of Easthat.

The use of human skulls as adornment to their armor and as drinking vessels is common among the warrior class of Boromy. The rise of this custom can be traced back to the invasion of present day Jare. The raging warriors drank from the skulls of those whom they had slain. The image of wild-haired, dirty savages is commonly associated with the Boromy warriors during a raiding expedition.

Boromy is a loose confederation of several clans who swear fealty to the baron. Each tribe contributes warriors and coin, who then in turn provides protection and promotes the common good of all clans. Conditions and attitudes toward the baron vary from place to place and petty arguments can erupt into bloodshed easily.

Barony of Boromy

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