Barony of Farnur

Leader: His Radiant Grace, The High Priest of the Valleys, the Eagle of Ormazd, Lord Nathaniel Ranush.
Capital: Mesa Sor
Population: 14,628 (44% humans, 14% eladrin, 10% dwarves, 8% elves, 7% gnomes, 4% halflings, 4% dragonborn, 4% Tieflings, 3% Half-orcs, 2% other)
Exports: Crops, weapons, tools, and manufactured goods

  • Cabel (Hamlet, pop. 396)
  • Mesa Sor (Large Town, pop. 4,932)
  • Goleb Mar (Fortress+Village, pop. 782)
  • Garrot Keep (Fortress-Small Town, pop.1,268)
  • Horrak (Village, pop. 586)
  • Marnin (Village, pop. 883)
  • Radeet (Village, pop 403)

Farnur is also known as “The Father of the North Fen” as its rivers feed the festering swamp to the south. The Kuthraug Hills, Ansel Hills, and woodlands serve as natural borders to Farnur and the fertile valleys of the barony produces enough crops to allow Farnur to export the surplus.

The barony of Farnur is ruled by a devout group of warrior-priests that commands the Imperial Church of Farnur, which worships Ormazd (greater god of creation, the sun, and prophecy. The church is headed by the High Priest Ranush who refers to himself the “symbol of the land and of the unity of the people”. He only appears in public to perform a few ceremonies, yet he holds vast power. A council of heavily armored warriors fulfills the commands of the church with zealous enthusiasm, making the peasants in the surrounding countryside tremble with fear.

Farnur is known for its final judgment of the worst criminals. Instead of execution, the guilty ones who were brought here would fight each other until a winner remained. The losers are displayed for all to see, and the winner is thrown into a pit filled with various monsters.

Barony of Farnur

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