Barony of Lonkoe

Leader: His Lofty Grace, Archbaron Boda Lael
Capital: Lonoke
Population: 26,504 (49% humans, 12% dwarves, 8% elf, 6% halfling, 5% eladrin, 4% gnome, 4% golaith, 3% half-elf, 2% half-orc, 7% other)
Resoruces: Crops, trade goods, weapons, armor, processed ore, metalwork.

  • Camner (Village, pop. 871)
  • Estra (Village, pop. 833)
  • Dergen (Village, pop. 793)
  • Feltson (Village, pop. 675)
  • Greyson (Village, pop. 707)
  • Hardwick (Village, pop. 801)
  • Landport (Village, pop. 869)
  • Lonoke City (Small City, pop. 4,821)
  • Montiset (Hamlet, pop. 391)
  • Morrows (Hamlet, pop. 386)
  • Murl (Small Town, pop. 1,921)
  • Pisgah Keep (Fortress-Small Town, pop. 1,634)
  • Farhill (Hamlet, pop. 329)
  • Hubbs (Village, pop. 698)
  • Lund (Village, pop. 775)

Lonoke marks the farthest outpost of civilization and law in The Fangs. Adventuring is neither a common nor a safe profession, so the player characters are a rare breed of folk interested in risking their lives in hopes of fame and fortune. Between excursions into the wilderness, player characters can rest, trade, and gather information in the relative safety of town. The wilderness and eminent danger lay just beyond the walls of Lonoke.

The barony is a small fiefdom between the The Fangs Mountains and the Straights of Ymtal. The fortress and walled town of Lonoke City protect the interests of the Crieste Empire in this region. The community is prosperous, with plenty of agriculture, raw materials, craftsmen and trade from its seaport. Only its remote mountainous location keeps the town from growing into a full-fledged city.

The fertile lands south of the Haik Hills were once home to a zealous theocracy called Dakar. A council of clerics ruled Dakar and its capital was Knor, which in today known simply as Pisgah Keep. Knor was the epicenter of religious ceremonies, including human sacrifice. Crieste explorers first discovered the settlements of Dakar in 2276 and the armies of soon followed to conquer the land. The leaders of Dakar escaped into mountains and attempted to reorganize. Raids, ambushes, and skirmishes followed for the next tend years. But, the numbers of zealots were few and the Crieste forces too strong. Soon, the religion of Dakar faded into history.

After Crieste established colonies in the region, it enjoyed relative peace and tranquility until the Black Eagle War. In 2887, Ghorrene the Black Eagle, eldest son of the emperor, was convicted of deviltry and exiled from Crieste. Ghorrne raised an army of evil mercenaries, slaves, and monstrous humanoids and attacked eastern Crieste. The armies of the Black Eagle were defeated in 2899, largely with the aid of the great wizard Thale, and Ghorrene vanished. However, rumors were widely spread that Ghorrene went into hiding in the Fangs Mountains with his father’s blessing.

Barony of Lonkoe

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