County of Jare

Leader: His Mighty Lordship, the Supreme Defender of The Fangs and Troll Slayer, Count Andrew Rengard
Capital: Sarin
Population: 24,632 (46% humans, 11% dwarves, 8% elves, 8& eladrin, 7% halflings, 4% gnomes, 4% half-orcs, 4% tieflings, 3% Half-orcs, 5% other)
Exports: Horses, ale, silver, glass, grain, livestock, lumber, and textiles

  • Arton (Village, pop. 682)
  • Essan (Village, pop. 803)
  • Grair (Village, pop. 803)
  • Keston (Small Town, pop. 1,425)
  • Naris (Village, pop. 896)
  • Neda (Hamlet, pop. 359)
  • Omatt (Village, pop. 863)
  • Rasim Keep (Fortress-Village, pop. 892)
  • Saer (Hamlet, pop. 382)
  • Sarin (Large Town, pop. 4,632)

The county of Jare is the largest fiefdom in the Northern Fangs and it has the weakest government. It is ruled by Count Andrew Rengard under martial law, but that law only extends to the range of a long bow. When the cavalry or milia depart from a community, the thieves and brigands often soon take their place. Knights lead each settlement in the county and all male subjects are required to enlist in military service for not less than five years. However, it’s a well known secret that bribery and political favor easily replace service to the count.

Jare established itself as a local power in the Northern Fangs during the past two decades. In 2981 a small force of Jarens made a legendary last stand at the Battle of Aemoth Pass, near the site of current day Rasim Keep, against a massive goblin uprising. The superior weaponry, strategy, and cavalry of Jare proved itself again one year later when Jare, along with Vellis troops and Boromy mercenaries, assembled at full strength and decimated the goblin army, pushing it through the North Range and chased them back into the heart of The Fangs Mountains.

The Triad and the Sancturn Pantheon are popular in Jare, but Poderon (greater god of earth, commerce, and festivity) and Fenwar (lesser god of fire, lightning, and the hearth) have the most temples dedicated to them. Most recently, attendance has sharply increased at shrines dedicated to Gorhan (lesser god of valor, war, and chivalry) and a new temple is under construction in Sarin.

County of Jare

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