Trade Guilds

The trade guilds of The Northern Fangs are associations of craftsmen in a particular trade. They are formed as confraternities of workers under a charter from the Imperial Court of Creiste. Their organization is somewhere between a trade union, a cartel and a secret society. They often depend on grants of letters patent by a monarch to enforce the flow of trade to their self-employed members, and to retain ownership of tools and the supply of materials. Their guildhalls are well-constructed and used as meeting places for the guild.

Bakers and Millers – Bakers are one of the very few food guilds in every community and they play very important part in the economy of most villages. Millers are also important to everyday life because they grind grain into flower. The two professions joined together because of their strong ties, however they still lack the influence of either the merchants or blacksmiths.

Blacksmiths – Blacksmiths are very important because they manufacture weapons, armor, decoration for the household, keys, chains, nails and many other tools that are needed in an average town. They are well organized as a guild and are second in influence only to the merchants guild.

Healers – The Healers are a minor guild and many towns are without any medical professionals. Thus they are forced to travel to the nearest town with a healer, and sometimes that is an agonizingly painful journey. Healers believe that the body is built on four basic humors which are yellow bile, black bile, blood, and phlegm. When these four humors are in balance, that particular person is considered healthy. When these humors were not in balance, that particular human is considered ill.

Precious Metal Smiths & Jewelers – Silversmiths, goldsmiths and jewelers joined together to form a minor guild. They found forge coins, jewelry, and other valuable objects. They are secretive to the point of suspicion and often employee mercenaries, arcane warding, and deadly traps to guard their treasures.

Merchants – Merchants tend to be more wealthy and important than other guilds, although it isn’t that uncommon for an individual merchant to be poor and yet another craftsmen to be wealthy. Merchants in every town important figures and it is common for the head of the merchant guild to be head of the town. Additionally, the town government may be composed primarily of merchant guild members.

Stonemasons – Stonemasons, also referred to as masons, do not have much special training, like some of the other guilds require. Masons also cut stone slabs into blocks to make them more transportable. All apprentices are required to produce a masterpiece to determine if they require more training or they are proficient enough to joint the guild. Stonemasons are influential among royalty and gentry because of their ties to construction projects and new buildings.

Other Crafts – Craft guilds have existed for centuries. The weavers are usually the most orderly and strongest of the craftsmen. Some of the craftsmen involved in the minor craft guilds are butchers, cloth-makers, dyers, glassmakers, weavers and other artisans. Their members make crafts guilds the larges population, but the disorganization makes them less politically effective.

Trade Guilds

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